Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alliant Physical Therapy Group LLC and Blankenheim Services LLC join forces

September 1, 2011

Alliant Physical Therapy Group LLC, and Blankenheim Services LLC announce that they are joining forces to expand their rehabilitation services.

This collaborative effort will result in a systematic approach to managing musculoskeletal injuries resulting from both work and non-work activities. Alliant Physical Therapy and Blankenheim Services will work together to help enhance care provided to injured persons throughout the Midwest.

Alliant Physical Therapy Group LLC, based in Racine WI, is a group of 20 providers at 14 clinics located in SE Wisconsin. Alliant Physical Therapy’s president and CEO Chad Novasic PT, is “excited about the opportunity to work with Blankenheim Services. Blankenheim’s expertise in ergonomics, on-site therapy and preventative services, and injury management systems offer us superior worker’s compensation services, and enables us to expand our efforts in helping employers control injury related cost. “

Blankenheim Services LLC, based in Appleton WI, is the nation’s premiere provider of on-site preventative and rehabilitation services for industry. Blankenheim Services currently has a staff of over 42 Therapy providers, ergonomists, engineers and staff in 8 states and serving over 65 employers. Eric Blankenheim OTR, MSIE, CPE, CSP and President of Blankenheim Services states “ Working with Alliant will help us expand our services into the SouthEast Wisconsin area, and allow us to work with both large and smaller employers. Working with Alliant will also allow us to expand our services to our existing clients beyond work related injuries.”

Alliant Physical Therapy Group and Blankenheim Services plan on rolling these joint services out to the public in September 2011.

If you have questions regarding this relationship, please contact:

Melissa Samuels
Blankenheim Services
920-858-6652 Cell msamuels@blankenheimservices.com

Chad Novasic PT
Alliant Physical Therapy


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